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How To Learn Harmonica Online

How To Learn Harmonica Online

#1harmonica11Harmonica Lessons….there are many different types of musical instruments out there that a person can choose to learn how to play. One that makes wonderful sounds and seems like a lot of fun is the harmonica. When you watch musicians play it they make it look graceful and easy. With the right lessons you will soon be playing just like that. It is important to remember that everyone was once a beginner though.

There are some musicians out there that make extra money by offering music lessons. Some of them do play the harmonica so you can follow up on such advertisements that talk about this. You can also ask musicians you know if they can refer you to someone who may be willing to teach you. Sometimes individuals at music stores know where you can take them as well.

If you can’t find someone locally to teach you how to play the harmonica you may turn to the internet. There are many sites where you can learn the basics for free. There are even videos so that you can see what they are doing as you are learning. It definitely takes some of the guess work out of the process.

There are websites where you can ask questions about playing the harmonica as well. Most of them will be answered by people who have some more experience than you do. They will be willing to give advice and to share information. Just make sure you return the favor one day when you know more about playing the harmonica. Pass on your experiences and knowledge to other new people to the art of playing the harmonica as well.

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Of course taking harmonica lessons online isn’t easy because there is no one to give you immediate feedback you can find it is better than nothing. You can listen to how a song should sound online too and then practice it over and over again until you get it right. Try to carve out some time each day to practice playing the harmonica but make sure you have a great time doing it as well.

You won’t be able to learn how to play the harmonica overnight. Yet with the right type of lessons and plenty of practice you will continue to improve all the time. Some people wish to play the harmonica for fun while others have big dreams of playing music professionally one day. Regardless of what your goal is you can easily find places that offer harmonica lessons to get you started.

5 Simple Tips On How To Play The Harmonica

5 Simple Tips On How To Play The Harmonica….so you have decided you want to play the intriguingly complex harmonica?.
It’s going to take dedication and extensive practice, but in the process, lots of fun too. Here are my 5 tips for beginners before taking harmonica lessons.

1.Watch videos of harmonica experts – My purpose is to make you see the techniques and the correct handling of this instrument. Other than the mouth, the hands play a huge role. We recommend you take a look at the “Happy Harpin” video course, which offers simple tuition for the beginner.

2.When you’re ready to learn and practice, go ahead and buy one – What you’re looking for is the best model to help you learn and practice. Here are my recommendations:

* Diatonic in the Key of C – The standard key to start with is the Key of C, since the pitch is just right, not too high and not too low, perfect for learning songs and accompanying recorded music.

* Pick the 10 hole Diatonic – The perfect type, for you to learn effectively. A one row, 10 hole Diatonic harmonica is just what you need to start practicing. Never mind if it’s different from what you see experts use, the 10 hole is best for newbies.

* Best model – I suggest you scout for a Hohner Special 20, it sounds great, yet not too expensive. Remember, as you get better, you might want to buy a different model, and maybe with more holes or rows. So for now, choose one that sounds great, with a reasonable price.

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3. Check for sound quality – Test your choices to compare how each one sounds. Don’t worry if you can’t play yet; just blow on the holes and listen, pick which one sounds best.

4. Get familiar with the sound of each key – If you have not taken musical lessons before, I suggest you get familiar with your harmonica and its keys, before you start searching for tabs and online lessons. Learn by listening to the sound each key makes, which key goes well with the other keys. It is essential for you to learn notes and keys, however, for now, get close and personal with your harmonica’s sound first.

5. Get intimate with your harmonica – Most of the good players I know, understood little about keys and notes, but never left the harmonica just lying around, it stayed where it belongs, in the mouth.

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