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How to Avoid 11 IT Training Tricks

How to Avoid 11 IT Training Tricks

  • Job Guarantee
  • Unbelievably low price
  • Training leads to company diploma
  • Training company won’t give you price – or say they don’t know
  • You have to complete a “Student Assessment” or “Interview” to assess your “suitability” to do a course
  • Visit arranged at home with your spouse present to allow you to "choose" a course
  • You have to be "accepted" by a "Selection Committee" to do a course
  • Training companies advertise a position in the job pages which turns out to be a training course
  • IT Training companies who employ salespeople rather than IT people to give you advice
  • Salespeople require a deposit from you on the "interview" so that you can start immediately
  • Interactive training


Job Guarantee:

Most job guarantees are not worth the paper they are written on! When you look closely at the small print, there are usually many get out clauses such as the following:

You must accept the first job offered – this could be anywhere and the income could be very low. If you don’t accept the offer, the training company has done their job.

You may have to enrol on further training at the same company, as the job is not really being offered on the original course enrolled on.

The guarantee does not apply if the economic climate changes! This appears to be a normal get out clause in most job guarantees but what does it really mean? Basically, it can mean anything!

Looking at it from an employers viewpoint, if you ran your own company would you accept someone you had never interviewed to work in your company on your critical IT systems? ^top

Unbelievably low price:

If a training course appears to be a very low price for high level professional Certifications then the training is more likely to be of poor quality.

Remember that these are professional qualifications which can change or improve your career. Courses can (or should) take a huge investment in time and development to produce.

Alternatively, the material may be photocopied text, poor quality CD ROM’s, out of date material or the only "interactivity" is the fact that you click "next" on your cd rom!

This poor quality can translate to the support; no support may be available, or support is only available between certain hours.

It is also usual for support to be may be conducted by untrained people working from home.

We have heard of students being told to call back the following night as the support person did not now anything about that particular area of IT. Worse still, we know of one student calling a particular well known IT training company only to be told to call back as “I’m having my dinner.” 

Training leads to company diploma:

Company Diploma’s are not recognised within the industry. Does the Diploma mean that you studied for a year, or two weeks? Do employers recognise the Diploma? What standard do you achieve? Is the Diploma recognised in other countries?

These are all questions which need to be answered and the easy way is to do industry recognised Certifications such as CompTIA, Microsoft, Macromedia, Sun, CIW, Cisco, etc.

Also ensure that your training is following the current curriculum for the recognised Certification. A great deal of companies train using out of date material which does not apply to the current exams. ^top

Training company won't give you a price - or say they don't know!

If they will not or cannot give you the course fees, it usually means you will have to have a meeting with a salesperson who will try to hard sell you a course.

It is not unusual that the course is more suitable for the salesperson rather than the right course for you! Think commission!

You have to complete a "Student Assessment" or "Interview" to assess your suitability to do a course:

These assessments or interviews are generally worthless. Most people pass and this “allows you” to do a course.

Note to that the reason you are more suitable for one course over another could be price (the salesperson will make more on that course) or this is the course that he knows better than the others in the training companies range. 

Visit arranged at home with your spouse present to allow you to "choose" a course:

These home visits are used to allow a salesperson to give you a presentation regarding the company and gives him or her a chance to pressurise you into buying a specific course and make more commission.

The companies in question need your spouse to be there so that they can pressurise both of you. They know that if you have to discuss things with your other half later, they will (sensibly) react to the inflated course fees which include high commissions. 

You have to be "accepted" by a "Selection Committee" to do a course:

This method of selling allows the salesperson to call you back to get your decision within a short timescale - usually a few days after the initial "interview".

It gives the salesperson another chance to pressurise you as you have been now been "accepted” to do the course, and you would not wish to lose your place, would you! 

Training companies advertise a position in the job pages which turns out to be a training course:

This type of advert in the job pages gets you to the company offices where salespeople can control a meeting and get you enrolled in a course.

Sometimes they offer a job at the end of the course, but it usually involves further training (and further fees) after the original course. 

IT training companies who employ salespeople rather than IT people to give you advice:

Companies employ commission only salespeople who visit your home to "interview," "test" or "select" you.

As mentioned previously they usually will insist on your spouse being there which is a common sales ploy. They are taught this as it is easier to get both your agreement at once.

No matter what the person says, they are salespeople and they are usually taken on in a commission only capacity. They do not get paid if they do not sell. So who's best interests do you think they have in mind when they recommend a course for you?

It is unusual to find any of these salesmen with IT experience, so usually their advice regarding your IT career is worthless. 

Salespeople require a deposit from you on the "interview" so that you can start immediately:

This is another hard-sell ploy. It’s a way of getting you to buy the course under pressure.

The salesperson will push you into an immediate decision, selling you a course and making their commission on the day.

They will probably leave you some basic training material to get you started and have you sign a credit or finance agreement.

You should have 14 days to cancel, but the companies concerned typically make it very difficult to cancel your course as you already have the material. 

Interactive Training:

Some training companies use the phrase “interactive training” to describe courses which have simply been typed onto a CD ROM or online.

Their “interactive” element is simply pressing “forward” or "next" on the CD ROM. Like a book, you merely turn the pages - and as this is what your "interactive" course is - just a book typed onto a CD, then you would be better to buy a book!

True interactive training material emulates the subject matter you are working on.

The training will incorporate video, text, graphics and sound. Your mouse will take control and move - like a tutor showing you what to do! And you can repeat it as many times as you want.

You will have questions pop up on subjects you have covered recently or some weeks before to keep you on your toes.

There will also be interactive testing and exam simulations giving you clear and precise test results - immediately.

This type of material is the most advanced method of training as it incorporates so many different sense which allow you to retain information quicker. 

In this course your will learn:
1. How begin looking for a high quality job teaching in a foreign country
2. How to successfully apply for an English teaching or other international school job
3. How to identify the best international schools and English language centers around the world to work for
4. How to avoid getting hired by a low quality school
5. How to negotiate a high salary with good benefits
6. How to choose which country to work in
It's no secret that teachers can feel underappreciated, underpaid, and overworked. This is largely the case throughout the western world. However, perhaps the best kept secret among those of us teaching at international schools is that, it doesn't have to be this way!

Install and Configure Windows Server 2019: get a job in IT

This course is geared toward getting you up to speed with Windows server 2019. Whether you already hold a job as a helpdesk support representative, a desktop technician or are just a beginner looking to start your career in IT this course is designed to give you the essential skills required to install and configure basic roles and features in Windows Server 2019. This course attempts to cover about 90% of the daily tasks of system administrators.

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Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an IT Training Course

Eight Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing an IT Training Course

  • Don’t choose a course because your friend has done the same one
  • Always choose structured training
  • Choose a course which lead to industry recognised certifications
  • Don’t jump in at the deep-end
  • Think about the end result – where do you want to be in your IT career
  • Have an interest in your training subject
  • Be realistic about the time you can allocate to study
  • Get your family's support


Don’t choose a course because your friend has done the same one:

When seeking advice on an IT training, speak to someone who has IT experience, preferably in the subject you wish to study. Although, bare in mind that they may have different skills or knowledge.

Get as much information on the career you wish to enter from someone “qualified”, not someone who has no experience of the industry.

If your friend or colleague at work has chosen a particular course or area of IT, then that may suit their personality and skills but may not suit yours. 

Always choose structured training:

In any career, following a structured training route for career advancement is the norm. Why should a career in IT be any different?

Don’t fall into the trap of a quick fix. Employers are looking for structured training on your CV and generally do not offer jobs to people who have clearly taken a quick route without getting the basic foundation or "apprenticeship" skills and knowledge into place. 

Choose a course which lead to industry recognised certifications:

A great deal of training providers offer a Diploma in this subject or a Certificate in that subject.

These are usually not worth the paper they are written on as employers cannot gauge what level of skill you have reached.

Choose training which leads to industry recognised in-demand Certifications. 

Don’t jump in at the deep-end:

Sadly, a lot of training providers will state that you do not need the background subject matter, but can simply jump in at the deep-end in your studies.

Unfortunately this isn't true in IT as it isn't true in other industries.

You do not find Accountants only doing the final exam and nothing prior to it! You do not find Pilots taking control of a 747 without passing the necessary exams and skills to build up to that level.

Why would an organisation trust an employee with their critical information and systems who had only just passed a high level technical IT Certification but didn't know how to reboot a PC! 

Think about the end result – where do you want to be in your IT career:

Plan your career before you begin training. Know what qualifications or Certifications you are aiming for and where you intend to end up.

That way, you can plan realistic studies over a reasonable period of time and move your IT career forward as your Certifications increase.

Check out where the demand is now and in the future and register with IT information sites which keep you up-to-date with the latest technical trends.

Try to find out what a typical day will be like in the job you are aiming for. Will it suit your personality? Is it what you thought it would be like?

Would you like to be sitting at a desk all day, or out and about going from one company to another?

Would being in business clothes be ok or are you a jeans person?

It's all worth thinking about - as you're investing time and money to change your career. 

Have an interest in your training subject:

It makes sense that someone who is interested in the subject, will enjoy their studies and progress rapidly through their career.

Remember when looking at training you are thinking about what you want to do for the rest of your life. 

Be realistic about the time you can allocate to study:

How many hours can you study each week? Which days would you study?

We recommend a minimum of 10 hours per week. If you can only study for a lot less than that, you will find that you spend most of your time revising what you covered the week before and your progress will be extremely slow.

Note that a typical IT course at night school only consists of about 60 hours of classroom training per year and the rest is done as homework. So most of the work done is home study!

Set realistic goals. With home study/distance learning you can take a break from studying anytime. You are not tied into school hours, term times and you can also sit your exams anytime of the year.

There is also no traveling time – so all your time can be used effectively. 

Get your family's support:

When you take up a training course, your family support (and even approval) is essential.

You may be juggling money, a job, your family and social time. So they need to be aware that your study time is important and that you are studying to create an increase in income or job stability, etc. which will also be good for them. 

IT online courses

Over 12 chapters you will learn:
  • How does the web work?
  • Setting up your (free) hosting
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • jQuery
  • CMSs and WordPress
  • Responsive Design
  • PHP Coding
  • MySQL Databases
  • Putting it all together: Making a Twitter clone
  • Bonus Chapter: How to make $10,000 while learning to code

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    First we start by download the required tools we need to get started creating awesome apps.
    Then will begin our journey by learning about Swift Programming language (From the basics of Swift 4 and Swift 5) and Xcode - Apple Developer Toolkit used for creating iOS, iPadOS, WatchOS and MacOS applications.
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    Learn programming using C#

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    SQL Programming: Beginner's Workshop

    This is crash course on SQL Programming with MySQL Databases. You will learn all the in's and out's of databases including how to insert, retrieve, modify, and delete data, We'll also cover how to write complex queries and stored procedures - skills that will set you apart from the crowd!

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7 Things to consider before enrolling for distance learning

7 Things to consider before enrolling for distance learning

Distance learning is a smart way to further your education while working on a full-time basis and without the need to relocate from one city to the other.
However, online study can be challenging if you venture into it without proper research and planning.
To ensure that the program fits your specific needs, the following aspects should be put into consideration before enrolling for distance learning.

1.) Accreditation 

The need to research on the accreditation of a school and the programs they are offering cannot be stressed enough. Do not just believe a school if they say they are accredited.

Instead, confirm with the accrediting agency and ensure that the agency is recognized by the relevant higher education authorities in the country or region. This is to ensure that your diploma or degree meets the required academic standards and can be accepted by employers.

2.) Cost

Compared to traditional study programs, distance learning programs are usually cheaper in terms of tuition fees. Cost varies from one school to the other and high cost is not an indicator of quality education.

Although you also save on accommodation and transport, there are other costs that come with distance learning such as the purchase of a computer, reliable internet connectivity and text books.

There are varying payment plans therefore choose one that fits your budget and gives you the best value for your money.

3.) Study materials

Distance learning involves electronic communication therefore a personal computer and reliable internet connectivity is required. Some institutions provide students with the required equipment upon registration while others don’t.

Keep in mind all the hardware and software required and whether you have access to it and have the basic skills to use it.

4.) Student support system

The support that a distance student gets from the course instructor and the faculty contributes largely to their success.

Consider whether the tutor will be immediately available to answer any questions or help solve other problems you might encounter during the program.

5.) Course marketability

If you are enrolling for distance learning to boost your career by getting a better job, a promotion or a raise, consider the accomplishments in the professional lives of students who have taken the program before you.

Find out whether potential employers recognize the program or they have reservations about online qualifications in the field.

6.) Terms and conditions

It is important to read the requirements and conditions set out by the school you wish to enroll in for distance learning.

Check out their mode of delivery, whether it involves synchronized classes or it is self-paced, it is routine and whether it is flexible and convenient enough for you.

Also consider whether you will be required to visit the campus for any reason and whether you will be able to do so.

7.) Time 

Consider how long it will take to complete the program and get your certificate so that you can be able to plan and curve out time out your busy work and personal life schedule for all round balance.

Most schools offer a flexibly stretchable time to accommodate you if you happen to fall behind but there is a maximum limit to it.


Learning how to be successful is a process. This Course is designed to guide you in this process. We begin with the development of an effective mindset and concludes with a plan for living the best years of your life.
The Course can be viewed as a library of strategies and tools to be used in creating a highly successful version of your brain.   

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How To Learn Harmonica Online

How To Learn Harmonica Online

#1harmonica11Harmonica Lessons….there are many different types of musical instruments out there that a person can choose to learn how to play. One that makes wonderful sounds and seems like a lot of fun is the harmonica. When you watch musicians play it they make it look graceful and easy. With the right lessons you will soon be playing just like that. It is important to remember that everyone was once a beginner though.

There are some musicians out there that make extra money by offering music lessons. Some of them do play the harmonica so you can follow up on such advertisements that talk about this. You can also ask musicians you know if they can refer you to someone who may be willing to teach you. Sometimes individuals at music stores know where you can take them as well.

If you can’t find someone locally to teach you how to play the harmonica you may turn to the internet. There are many sites where you can learn the basics for free. There are even videos so that you can see what they are doing as you are learning. It definitely takes some of the guess work out of the process.

There are websites where you can ask questions about playing the harmonica as well. Most of them will be answered by people who have some more experience than you do. They will be willing to give advice and to share information. Just make sure you return the favor one day when you know more about playing the harmonica. Pass on your experiences and knowledge to other new people to the art of playing the harmonica as well.

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Of course taking harmonica lessons online isn’t easy because there is no one to give you immediate feedback you can find it is better than nothing. You can listen to how a song should sound online too and then practice it over and over again until you get it right. Try to carve out some time each day to practice playing the harmonica but make sure you have a great time doing it as well.

You won’t be able to learn how to play the harmonica overnight. Yet with the right type of lessons and plenty of practice you will continue to improve all the time. Some people wish to play the harmonica for fun while others have big dreams of playing music professionally one day. Regardless of what your goal is you can easily find places that offer harmonica lessons to get you started.

5 Simple Tips On How To Play The Harmonica

5 Simple Tips On How To Play The Harmonica….so you have decided you want to play the intriguingly complex harmonica?.
It’s going to take dedication and extensive practice, but in the process, lots of fun too. Here are my 5 tips for beginners before taking harmonica lessons.

1.Watch videos of harmonica experts – My purpose is to make you see the techniques and the correct handling of this instrument. Other than the mouth, the hands play a huge role. We recommend you take a look at the “Happy Harpin” video course, which offers simple tuition for the beginner.

2.When you’re ready to learn and practice, go ahead and buy one – What you’re looking for is the best model to help you learn and practice. Here are my recommendations:

* Diatonic in the Key of C – The standard key to start with is the Key of C, since the pitch is just right, not too high and not too low, perfect for learning songs and accompanying recorded music.

* Pick the 10 hole Diatonic – The perfect type, for you to learn effectively. A one row, 10 hole Diatonic harmonica is just what you need to start practicing. Never mind if it’s different from what you see experts use, the 10 hole is best for newbies.

* Best model – I suggest you scout for a Hohner Special 20, it sounds great, yet not too expensive. Remember, as you get better, you might want to buy a different model, and maybe with more holes or rows. So for now, choose one that sounds great, with a reasonable price.

The Decision You Make Today Is 100% Guaranteed For 60 Days....Grab Your Copy Of "Happy Harpin" Here!

3. Check for sound quality – Test your choices to compare how each one sounds. Don’t worry if you can’t play yet; just blow on the holes and listen, pick which one sounds best.

4. Get familiar with the sound of each key – If you have not taken musical lessons before, I suggest you get familiar with your harmonica and its keys, before you start searching for tabs and online lessons. Learn by listening to the sound each key makes, which key goes well with the other keys. It is essential for you to learn notes and keys, however, for now, get close and personal with your harmonica’s sound first.

5. Get intimate with your harmonica – Most of the good players I know, understood little about keys and notes, but never left the harmonica just lying around, it stayed where it belongs, in the mouth.

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Royalty Free Images For Any Use

Royalty Free Images For Any Use

Royalty Free Images, Yes We all need it because it is good when we start new business or we start our blog page and that time we feel we want great images for our work.

We know we dont have that much good images for our work and we try to get free images but most of website need attribution when you want to use theirs images in your work so if you want their images then you have clarify where do you get this images and link of theirs site too in your website and its make your work more ugly.

Here we give you best websites which allow to download royalty free images for any use, you can use for anything, for your business purpose or your website or your blogs anywhere you want use.These website have wide range of category so you can find your images for free.and these images have custom size too and high quality definition so these images help to make your work more interesting.

Top Royalty Free Images Websites

royalty free images for any use

Pixabay is best website ever to download royalty free images.This website has more than 570,000 images and video use anywhere you want.they have more than 20 category for images and videos.you can can easily find your images of your work.this website has more high definition images for free so you can make more interesting your work for free.


Pexels.com is new and growing site which has over 5000 royalty free images for free,no attribution require, no watermark.so you can use anywhere you want the site upload daily more than 20 new high quality images.mean you can get new images every single day.and all images are uploaded by their user and all of them are hand pick, so images has more natural look and its attract more.


Unsplash.com is best for large size images.here you can download very big size for images and its free and you can do anything with this site images.and all of them high-resolution and very creative so its better to show great images with creative.they upload 10 new high resolution photo every 10 days.

Screen Recording Software For Free

Screen Recording Software For Free

Screen Recording Software are helpful tool when we want record something from our laptop or computer, and when its come to download software in our laptop or pc.


we think about software quality and safety, because when we download software from internet its more chance to get hacked software and its steal our personal information and also mess our laptop programming process.and some software automatically download unwanted program in our laptop so here we give information about best software which comes with free basis and paid basis too.free basis version has less feature but the website give more feature than other messy software.
Only One Screen Recording Software We Recommend

We dont want just give information on bunch of screen recording software because its confuse you and make you wrong direction, so we personally use this software in our work, trust us its best software then other software.this software 100% Safe to use.

screen recording software for free
Bandicam is best and very easy to use screen recording software.and its free to download and they working great since 2008. and they have large amount of software downloaded.its very light recorder which you can easily high definition video without lagging. bandicam give great features on free basis.its easy to download and very quick customize your screen capture.
Main features of Bandicam Screen Recorder

-> you can record desktop screen, Game Recording, Webcam Recording anything which is on your laptop screen.
-> Bandicam support AVI/MP4 media format.
-> Bandicam record file in lite size than other software,Bandicam always compresses the video file when its recording.
-> you can directly upload your recorded videos on youtube.com without any converting.
-> you can record non-stop all day long with auto complete recording function.
-> you can record in large size too upto 3840.2160 with 4k ultra HD video.
-> Bandicam give you great result in video file without lagging.
You Can Download software for free

Free version of Bandicam has some limitation like they water mark their website name plus you can record only 10 minutes per video record, means you can record only 10 minutes at a time but you can record unlimited so if it okay with you then you can record for lifetime and if you dont want water mark on your videos and you want long recording time more than 10 minutes. Then buy bandicam license its cheap and for lifetime.once you buy then no need to renew.you can buy license for 1 pc at $39 for lifetime and 2pc at $59 for lifetime.


Create Facebook Page For Business

Create Facebook Page For Business

Create Facebook Page For Business is worth it.because its free to create and facebook has large amount of user to use facebook through mobile and desktop everyday so, its better to get more customer for free.

 Facebook is social media at first but there so many user buy product or services through review facebook page. now a day most of the big company have their facebook page and they are also engage with it. now most of the people trying to connect people through social media and thats why its important to create facebook page for business.

Facebook has more than 1.18 Billions Active monthly user reported on august 2019.it also available in multi language so you can create facebook page for business in your language.Facebook has so many users(1.18 billions)thats why its has better chance to get potential customers.its also give more popularity free of cost.because people watch your page and they like comment and than later your page get more like and comment through your post and engagement to facebook page. facebook will automatically put you page on first place when people search in facebook which keyword related to your business.so you can marketing your business free of cost. facebook provide you to set target audience for you facebook page so its better to what your target audience.for example if we made made product that only related to New York city then its better to set our target audience which is new York city and why its helpful because facebook show our page when somebody search related our product in facebook.and its helpful to get more conversion in our sell.
Facebook give you full analytic of you facebook page so you can easily know hows your business run what type of changes needed.so create facebook page for business is best choice to increase your business growth. Facebook page has many benefits like build brand, increase your web traffic, compare to your competitor and many more benefits you can get day by day after create facebook page for business.

How To Create Facebook Page For Business

Click here to learn how to create facebook page, then chose category of your business.like if you are create local business facebook page then select local business category, or if you business are product related then chose brand and product.so you can see first page when you click on create page and then you have to chose category.you can see the image below.

Now you have to set up your business page here with short description on what your page is about, Profile picture,add to favorites, Preferred Page Audience.you can also put your business website link too so and after fill all the details you can save your page and within second your facebook page fro business ready to go.now you can post anything related in you facebook page and then you can add post about your business and you can promote your business free of cost.you can also advertise your facebook page in facebook. means you can show your facebook page to billions of people with your budget and you can get more response to your facebook page and its give your business more leads.