Monday, July 27, 2020

7 Things to consider before enrolling for distance learning

7 Things to consider before enrolling for distance learning

Distance learning is a smart way to further your education while working on a full-time basis and without the need to relocate from one city to the other.
However, online study can be challenging if you venture into it without proper research and planning.
To ensure that the program fits your specific needs, the following aspects should be put into consideration before enrolling for distance learning.

1.) Accreditation 

The need to research on the accreditation of a school and the programs they are offering cannot be stressed enough. Do not just believe a school if they say they are accredited.

Instead, confirm with the accrediting agency and ensure that the agency is recognized by the relevant higher education authorities in the country or region. This is to ensure that your diploma or degree meets the required academic standards and can be accepted by employers.

2.) Cost

Compared to traditional study programs, distance learning programs are usually cheaper in terms of tuition fees. Cost varies from one school to the other and high cost is not an indicator of quality education.

Although you also save on accommodation and transport, there are other costs that come with distance learning such as the purchase of a computer, reliable internet connectivity and text books.

There are varying payment plans therefore choose one that fits your budget and gives you the best value for your money.

3.) Study materials

Distance learning involves electronic communication therefore a personal computer and reliable internet connectivity is required. Some institutions provide students with the required equipment upon registration while others don’t.

Keep in mind all the hardware and software required and whether you have access to it and have the basic skills to use it.

4.) Student support system

The support that a distance student gets from the course instructor and the faculty contributes largely to their success.

Consider whether the tutor will be immediately available to answer any questions or help solve other problems you might encounter during the program.

5.) Course marketability

If you are enrolling for distance learning to boost your career by getting a better job, a promotion or a raise, consider the accomplishments in the professional lives of students who have taken the program before you.

Find out whether potential employers recognize the program or they have reservations about online qualifications in the field.

6.) Terms and conditions

It is important to read the requirements and conditions set out by the school you wish to enroll in for distance learning.

Check out their mode of delivery, whether it involves synchronized classes or it is self-paced, it is routine and whether it is flexible and convenient enough for you.

Also consider whether you will be required to visit the campus for any reason and whether you will be able to do so.

7.) Time 

Consider how long it will take to complete the program and get your certificate so that you can be able to plan and curve out time out your busy work and personal life schedule for all round balance.

Most schools offer a flexibly stretchable time to accommodate you if you happen to fall behind but there is a maximum limit to it.


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